The Workshop takes place at Villa Bosch within walking distance of the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS). You can learn more about the venue on Wikipedia or by visiting the Studio Villa Bosch website.

Getting to the Venue

There are a number of ways you can reach Villa Bosch.

  1. You can reach Villa Bosch directly with Bus Number 30 (direction Schlierbach (HD), HITS), the so-called “Science Bus,” which runs hourly from Monday to Friday. Be warned that Bus Number 30 has limited passenger capacity. You can find the bus timetable (in German) here:  Fahrplan Linie 30. You can take Bus 30 comfortably from the following stations:
    • Heidelberg-Altstadt S-Bahn/Bus station
    • the bus stop “Universitätsplatz”
    • the bus stop “Peterskirche”
  2. You can reach Villa Bosch by walking 15 minutes from Bus Stop “Rombachweg”. You can reach the Bus Stop “Rombachweg” by taking various buses from the Bus Stop Heidelberg-Altstadt to Rombachweg. For instance:
    • Bus 35 (dir. Bildungszentrum)
    • Bus 33 (dir Ziegelhausen Koepfel)
  3. You can reach it by a nice walk of 28 minutes from Heidelberg Altstadt S-Bahn/Bus Stop station.
  4. Other options such as riding a bicycle or a scooter, carpooling, taking a taxicab

How to reach Heidelberg Altstadt S-Bahn/Bus Stop station from Heidelberg Hauptbanhof (Main Train Station)?

Take one of the following:

  • Train S2 (direction Eberbach),
  • Train S1 (direction Osterburken),
  • Train S5 (direction Eppingen Bahnhof)

then get off at Heidelberg Altstadt S-Bahn Station.